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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Is your AC unit equipped to handle the rising temperatures of summer heat? Your AC needs air conditioning maintenance service in Orlando, FL, to ensure it is prepared for the season!

You might wonder why maintenance service is important. Let’s find out!

Can Maintenance Services Change the Performance of AC?

There is no doubt that maintenance service does upgrade the performance and life expectancy of the AC system. Almost all the HVAC maintenance companies in Orlando, FL, emphasize the benefits of the maintenance services.

Maintenance services include cleaning, checking, repairing, replacing, oiling, and more—all in one service. All of these services help improve the efficiency and operating performance of the unit. The AC does not have to overwork if the components function perfectly and all the channels and coils are clean and tidy.
Dusty air passages, leaks, and other issues, on the other hand, can cause a hindrance to the AC’s efficiency. You see a sharp dip in the system performance and a quick increase in the electricity bill.

Small Things Can Enhance the AC System Performance!

Calling for air conditioning maintenance services in Orlando, FL, is one of the best things that you can do to keep a check on the AC’s health. However, there are a few things you can do yourself in between professional checkups.

Our experts have made a list of points that you have used in your daily life to play your part in keeping the efficiency intact. Here is the list:
  • It is best to set the AC thermostat above 78°F all time in the summer. It is energy efficient and beneficial for your pockets and AC too. The lower the temperature, the more AC works to achieve that cooler temperature.
  • Turn on the ceiling fan to increase ventilation and comfort during warm summers. The combination of ceiling fans and an AC system gives you the relief that an AC system alone cannot always provide. When using ceiling fans, you can raise the AC thermostat to 80-81°F.
  • Draw the curtains, and shut the doors during the daytime. Put on shades to help minimize the ways through which sunlight can enter your residence. This will help to lower the temperature to some extent.
  • AC maintenance experts in Orlando suggest replacing the air filter once every three months. However, it is best to change the air filter every month of the summer season.

Why Call AC Maintenance Services When You Can do it on Your Own?

AC maintenance technicians in Orlando understand the HVAC system more than the customer can ever do. While you can research online, you’re not going to get to the root of the problem.

Technicians know all the nuances behind why your AC is giving you issues, allowing them to solve the problem quickly. That’s why we are called professionals when handling HVAC system issues.

Call AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating today to call on skilled and experienced technicians for any HVAC system issues. We will reach your home as soon as possible when you call our HVAC maintenance service center in Orlando, FL.