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4 Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Overheating

4 Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Overheating

During the winter, your heating unit is critical for comfort. Lack of maintenance and proper care of the heating unit can cause major trouble. The circuit breaker may be tripped, or there can be any other major issue if your heating unit overheats. As a result, the machine will be unable to satisfy your comfort requirements. It would be upsetting to arrive home and discover that your heating system is broken. When the heating system overheats, it will trip the circuit breaker until the underlying problem is resolved. Knowing the dangers of an overheated heat system, you may wonder what causes the issue.

The Following Are Some of The Reasons Why Your Heating Unit is Overheating:

  • Filter is Clogged: Contaminants are kept out of your home, thanks to the filter. In the process, the filter accumulates a lot of dust, pet dander, and other debris, which might block it. When it becomes blocked, there will be insufficient ventilation throughout the system. Other components are required to work harder to keep your house pleasant due to insufficient ventilation. Your heating unit ultimately overheats as a result of the stress. Check your air filter regularly for any build-up and replace it if necessary. Call a professional for a heat pump repair in Orlando, FL, to replace your clogged filter.
  • Filthy Fan Blades: Dirt may accumulate on the fan blades of your device over time. Like a clogged air filter, Dirty fan blades cause the engine to work extra hard to keep the fan spinning. As a result, the tension causes overheating. To avoid build-up, clean the fan blades regularly.
  • Rusty or Loose Electrical Connections: Overheating can be caused by loose electrical connections in your heating system. Corroded wires cause overheating by causing a high or low voltage. Furthermore, old wiring generates a short circuit, which leads to overheating. Any electrical problem in the system is dangerous since it might cause a fire. You can inspect the electrical components of the heating system. Call HVAC companies in Orlando, FL. The professionals will double-check that everything is functioning to keep you safe at all times.
  • A Deteriorating Heating System: Your heating unit, like any other machine, has a limited life period. Its performance may deteriorate as it nears the end of its useful life. Inevitably, the components that are already failing will have to work harder to keep your house pleasant, resulting in overheating. If the unit has reached the end of its useful life, consider replacing it to prevent becoming victims of the problem.

These are some of the probable causes of your heating equipment tripping your circuit breaker. While you can resolve some issues on your own, others may necessitate the services of a professional. For maintenance and repairs or even installation, contact (407) 743-7106 right now for outstanding service or visit Their professionals will check all of the heating components to make sure they’re in good operating order. The team of specialists will also inspect the wiring and any other issues.