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My AC Won’t Shut Off! What’s Wrong?

My AC Won’t Shut Off! What’s Wrong?

One of the most common reasons your air conditioner runs constantly is a blocked duct that affects the efficiency of your AC. If this happens, your system will run longer to deliver more air. It could also be related to one of the following issues: a faulty switch, a clogged filter, or a coil. An air conditioning service in Orlando can help identify the cause of the issue and provide effective solutions.

Some Of The Reasons Why Your AC Does Not Shut Off:

1) Faulty Electrical Components

A variety of electrical components are used in air conditioners. One of these is a relay switch, which allows the circuit to remain closed, and provides power to the unit. The other component is a compressor contactor, which can fuse in a closed position and allows the unit to continue running. If you have a stuck switch or a fused compressor contactor, you might want to contact a technician.

2) Thermostat Errors

Over the years, an old thermostat might wear out. It can prevent the thermostat from accurately reading the temperature of your room. Also, if your electrical wiring gets damaged, it can affect the communication between your air conditioning unit and thermostat leading to a wrong home temperature recording. Help from an air conditioner service professional in Orlando could be beneficial.

3) Fan Limit Switch Is Stuck

Even after the correct settings are selected, the fan may continue to operate, though the air conditioner is not cycling. It happens when a stuck switch in an override position restricts the fan from blowing. Setting the limit switch back to the position will prevent the fan from blowing unless the thermostat is set.

4) RPM Of Fan Reduces

The low speed of the air conditioner’s blower fan can also prevent it from moving enough cool air into your home. This issue can prevent the unit from working, which means that it will not be able to provide adequate cooling for your home. It can make the AC work continuously to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

5) Wrong Size Of The AC

A perfectly installed air conditioning unit helps achieve temperatures you have set efficiently. When the AC is too small or undersized, it will not be able to gain the power needed to cool the house. The system will consume a lot of energy to maintain the temperature, which is wasted and will cause the unit to continue running for hours.

6) Clogged Coils And Condenser

As the hot air passes over an indoor evaporator coil, the heat is extracted. The next step is to move the heat to the outdoor unit. This process is carried out by the use of compressor and condenser coils. When dust and dirt accumulate on the condenser coils, the system will not release the heat efficiently. It means that the cooling power of the air conditioner will be limited. If the outdoor condenser unit gets blocked by debris, it will not be able to move enough air to circulate through the atmosphere. This issue can prevent the unit from working properly, which means that it will not be able to provide adequate cooling for your home even after working for hours. .

7) Evaporator Coils Are Frozen

A frozen evaporator coil is caused by a buildup of dirt on the surface of the coils restricting airflow and thereby the smooth functioning of the AC. A dirty air filter or a blocked vent can also contribute to this issue. If the drain line and drip pan are not functional, the moisture within the system will accumulate and form a thick layer of ice.
If the air conditioner is running and you’re feeling hot or warm air coming from the vents, the humidity may be affecting the interior components of your home or air handler unit. The issue with the system could prevent the cooling process and keep your Ac running long.

What Can Be

If your AC is not turning off, there are a few initial steps you could follow such as:

1) Try cleaning the filters and air ducts.
2) Check the thermostat settings and correct them.
3) Clean the condenser coil and evaporator coil.
4) Cleaning the blower fan

But if you find it difficult to do these as the interior of an AC will be confusing, you could always get help from proficient AC installation services in Orlando. They can help you fix the issue promptly and will help you decide on the right size of ac for your room.

AC units are like all other machines that can break down at some point. There are various ways a professional technician can help you. If you have a problem with your AC unit that won’t turn off, call AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating , air conditioning services in Orlando at 407-279-1851. We will be able to quickly address your issue and get it back to you in no time.