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7 Important Guidelines For Split AC Installation

7 Important Guidelines For Split AC Installation

The installation of split air conditioners is a tough job. Your air conditioner will provide optimal cooling if the installation is done correctly. However, if not done correctly, you will not receive the intended cooling impact.

The poor installation also results in frequent maintenance issues. To avoid frequent maintenance, you must hire a professional for air conditioning installation in Maitland.

Several factors must be addressed while installing a split air conditioner:

  • The Wall’s Ability to Support the AC.

You must put the indoor split AC unit on a strong wall to support the weight of the air conditioner.

  • Appropriate Distance Between the Wall and the AC unit.

For efficient airflow, the interior unit of a split AC requires more than 15 cm of open space around its top and sides.

  • Proper Installation Height from the Ground.

Install the split AC indoor unit at eight feet above the ground to ensure optimal cooling within the space.

  • Indoor Unit Tilt Angle Must be Correct.

When mounting the aluminum bracket to the wall, ensure that the bracket has a minor tilt angle so that the indoor unit of the split AC, when installed, is likewise at a slight angle to allow unhindered flow of the condensed water from the drainage pipe.

  • Proper Placement of the Outside Unit

Install the indoor and outdoor units of split AC away from direct sunlight and water for effective cooling. Install the split AC’s outdoor unit in an open area so that the heat radiated from the condenser is not obstructed.

  • You Should Place the Outdoor Unit Correctly.

The split AC outdoor unit must be installed on a straight and rigid surface. This unit incorporates the parts of split AC such as a compressor, condenser, fan motor, etc. If the unit is not placed on a level surface, it may shake excessively, which can cause copper pipe breakage, coolant leaking, and condenser damage. Furthermore, the vibrating device creates a lot of noise, which may bother you and your neighbors.

  • The Ideal Spacing Between the Interior and Outside Units

The correct spacing between the indoor and outdoor units is critical for cooling. The coolant circulates inside the copper tubes that connect the interior and outdoor split AC units at very low temperatures. When the refrigerant moves between the units, there is always some loss of cooling action to the environment.

Limiting this loss makes the distance between a split air conditioner’s interior and exterior units as short as feasible. The maximum permitted distance between split AC interior and outdoor units is 15 meters.

The installation of a split air conditioner is a significant task. Although it should only be done by a professional, you should generally know the following rules. A properly placed air conditioner will chill the area more effectively and run for a longer amount of time.

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