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Can Dirty Air Ducts Make You Sick?

Can Dirty Air Ducts Make You Sick?

Have you considered the repercussions of not having your air ducts cleaned? It leads to poor indoor air quality that harms your AC unit, requiring frequent AC repair in Altamonte Springs, and can also make you and your loved ones sick. However, when you clean your ventilation duct, vents, and filters, it enhances indoor environmental quality and limits pollutants from entering your home.

How Can Dirty Air Ducts Damage Your Health?

Here are some harmful repercussions of dirty air ducts.

Seasonal Allergies Worsen

Pet dander, debris, and pollen can accumulate in your ventilation ducts. These particles then get dispersed across your home and pollute the air when your HVAC system operates.
If you have allergies, you will be inhaling these harmful toxins, which may aggravate your seasonal allergies. Furthermore, bronchitis, sneezing, eye irritation, and throat irritation because of dirty vents are common in homes.

Poor Air Quality

The hygiene of your air ducts directly impacts the indoor air quality in your home. The air that travels through the duct system becomes polluted when they become dirty. Everybody in your home, including your pets, can be harmed by polluted air. Poor air quality can further cause eye, nose, sore throats, respiratory problems, and heart and circulatory system problems.

It Worsens Autoimmune Conditions.

Those suffering from autoimmune conditions may be experiencing negative symptoms due to breathing dirty air. As you might know, dirty outside air can cause various health problems for those with pre-existing diseases. Thus, it is prudent to take special care to maintain the indoor air quality within your home or office. With air duct cleaning, you can ensure your air conditioning system isn’t recirculating pollutants, dust, allergens, or other harmful emissions and guard against numerous health issues.

It can result in "sick building syndrome."

Pollutants such as debris, dander, pollen, and others accumulate in dirty ventilation ducts. These contaminants accumulate for a long time, and when the air ducts are operational, these primary pollutants are dispersed and spread throughout the home or office. Breathing this dirty air may not cause allergic reactions, but it can lead to more severe respiratory problems in the long run.

It can Cause Sinusitis.

With each cooling and heating device distribution, debris and pollutants in the ventilation ducts spread across your home and offices. As a result, some of these pollutants enter your nasal cavity every time you breathe, causing sinusitis in the long run.

It Aggravates Pre-existing Pulmonary Medical Conditions.

People with weak immune systems may be affected by poor air quality because contaminants widely circulated in the indoor air cause increased odds and longer attacks, making them sick. Furthermore, dirty air ducts can also worsen the conditions of people with existing pulmonary health problems.

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