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Can You Replace An AC Compressor Yourself?

Can You Replace An AC Compressor Yourself?

Having an AC unit at home is a necessity when you look at the strong heat waves that pass during the summer season in Orlando. It is normal for your AC unit to experience some minor repairs. Sometimes there may be a problem with the AC unit’s compressor and that is why it may not be working effectively.

The compressor in an AC unit is responsible for absorbing the heat energy from the room and compressing the refrigerant to release the cool energy and thus maintaining the desired room temperature. If you encounter some issues with the compressor of your AC unit, it is advised to call a professional for emergency AC repair in Orlando, FL.

How To Replace The Compressor Of Your AC Unit

It is recommended to call a professional to carry out the AC repair in Orlando. Follow the steps given below to understand how to replace the compressor of the AC unit:

Tools Required:

To carry out the replacement processor for the compressor of your AC unit, you will need a screwdriver, wrenches, pliers, a torch, a new compressor, ratchet, refrigerant, and a recovery tank.

Step 1: Troubleshoot the issues.

Understand whether your compressor system is working fine or not. If the compressor is leaking or not working properly continue the replacement process.

Step 2: identify the type of compressor

There are a variety of AC compressor models on the market. Determine the type of compressor model required for your air conditioner. The type of compressor used in your air conditioner will be specified in the owner’s manual or the old compressor.

Step 3: Switch off the electrical supply

Before performing any DIY or repair the first step is safety. Switch off the electrical supply of your AC unit. This step is critical to prevent injuries.

Step 4: Remove the refrigerant from the unit

With the help of the tools, open the unit and drain it out of all the refrigerants. There should not be any refrigerant present in the system. As your AC unit is under high pressure, removing the refrigerants drain relieves all the pressure. You must be certified or experienced to perform this task. Do not release the refrigerants outdoors, instead of pumping them into a tank.

Step 5: Cut the lines

Once you have removed the refrigerant out of its system, cut the lines and disconnect the electrical connector. Locate the compressor. The compressor will be in the outdoor unit.

Step 6: Remove the Compressor’s bolts.

Remove the compressor’s bolts. The hose line attached to the compressor should be removed and the high and low-pressure lines must be removed as well.

Step 7: Replace the compressor unit

Mount the new compressor within the condensing unit. After this, connect the refrigerant lines.

Step 8: Assemble

After mounting the compressor inside the system assemble all the parts again. Then connect the power supply. Let your AC run for about 15-20 minutes to understand whether it is working properly.

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