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Common AC Noises: Causes & How to Fix

Common AC Noises: Causes & How to Fix

Two-stage or variable-speed motors are used in the latest energy-efficient central air conditioning systems, designed to make little or no noise. If your air conditioner produces a loud and intrusive noise, you’re dealing with a moderate to severe problem. These noises are usually an indication that your system needs to be repaired or replaced.

Most common air conditioner noises

  • Scraping

If your air conditioner makes scraping noises, it could be due to loose screws or parts. It could also happen if one of your fan blades is broken or deformed due to an issue with your blower wheel. Fix or tighten any loose screw you find during the visual inspection.

  • Rattling

Any loose part of the system can cause rattling sounds. Fix the loose part as soon as possible, as when you ignore the problems, they will deteriorate and significantly harm the system. As a result, you should contact a technician for AC maintenance in Apopka.

  • Booming

When it comes to air conditioning, booming sounds are a regular complaint. If your HVAC system makes a booming noise, it’s a sign that dirt and debris have accumulated on your burner. Ignoring a problem like this can put your system at risk. Clean the burner regularly to prevent this problem.

  • Clanging

Other noises are usual, such as chirping when the gadget starts up, a brief clicking sound on startup, and periodic pinging sounds. When the fan belt on the blower motor slips out of place or becomes rusted, it makes a clanging noise. Put the belt in the correct position, but it is worn out. Make an appointment for AC maintenance in Apopka to replace it before it breaks and causes more severe issues.

  • High pitched squealing

Friction is formed when belts and bearings lose lubrication, resulting in a dry screeching sound. Another cause could be clogged or worn-out engine bearings. Lubricate the parts, but contacting a qualified technician is the best option if the problem persists.

  • Hissing

The generation of hissing sound might also be caused by refrigerant leakage or a break in the heat exchanger. Ensure that the problem is resolved by contacting an HVAC company, as professionals should only hold refrigerant work.

  • Screeching

The scraping of one metal against another can produce a screaming sound. To get rid of the noise, lubricate the part. Call a professional like air conditioning installation Winter Park, FL for repair.

  • Buzzing

When you switch on the AC, it begins to buzz, indicating that it needs to be repaired. It is a common symptom of electrical issues with your HVAC system. If you are aware of the electrical wiring, fix any loose wiring. To avoid your device breaking down unexpectedly, schedule a fast tune-up.

  • Rumbling

If you hear a sound like this, it’s time to give your air conditioner a tune-up or maintenance service. For the time being, you can clear the filter and drain line to improve the system’s efficiency. To avoid significant losses, you must get the air conditioner fully maintained yearly.

If you hear unusual noises coming from the AC and want to speak with one of our professionals or seek air conditioning installation in Winter Park, FL, please contact AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating at 407-584-4396 to book an HVAC service.