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How Do You Stop Your AC Coil From Leaking?

How Do You Stop Your AC Coil From Leaking?

Scheduling annual maintenance routines for your AC unit is mandatory to ensure its optimum performance. The best time to schedule the maintenance is before summertime arrives. One of the most common issues homeowners face is coil leakages. It is advised that you contact air conditioning contractors in Orlando to determine what is causing the leaks.

Why Do Leakages Occur?

When you notice water leakages from your AC unit, turn off the system immediately and contact a professional. Your AC coil is responsible for circulating the refrigerant that is used to absorb the hot air from the surroundings and release it outside. When the evaporator coils freeze due to poor airflow issues it causes ice to build up, this freezes the coil causing the refrigerant to leak. The AC coil also leaks due because it is dirty or because of clogged drain pans. Call a professional for air conditioning repair in Orlando to resolve this issue in no time.

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Coils From Leaking

  1. Keep your outdoor unit clean
    The best way to prevent your AC unit from leaking is to keep the outdoor unit cleaned at all times. This prevents any dust or other particles from entering the AC unit and obstructing the airflow. If the outdoor units are not clean, the obstruction in the airflow will result in poor air quality causing ice to build up inside your coils. Therefore cleaning the outdoor unit regularly, will allow the AC unit to function efficiently.
  2. Schedule frequent repairs
    Any electrical appliance encounters repairs regularly for it to perform optimally. Similarly, an AC unit should be maintained regularly to prevent any major issues and leakages from occurring. Change the air filters and the coils regularly to make sure your unit works efficiently.
  3. Add more refrigerant
    This is a temporary fix. Adding more refrigerant ensures that your unit is working effectively for at least a few months to withstand the summer. The refrigerant levels in your AC unit do not decrease naturally. This will be due to some problems because of your clogged drains or leakages. This option is not a permanent solution but can help resolve the issue quickly. However, if you want a permanent solution, you should consider air conditioning repair in Orlando to resolve the issue.
  4. Use a refrigerant sealant
    A refrigerant sealant is used when you want to seal the ductwork in your AC unit to prevent any leakages from your AC unit. This is a good option but is not a permanent fix. The sealant travels through the coils present in your AC unit and seals them to prevent them from leaking.
  5. Replace the evaporator coils
    The most efficient way to prevent leakages from occurring inside your AC unit is by replacing the clogged or dirty evaporator coils. Replacing the coils improves the performance of the AC unit and allows it to perform optimally reducing the risks of leakages. Trying to find air conditioning contractors in Orlando? Ameritech air conditioning & heating has the best team in town. Call us at (407) 743-7106 to schedule an appointment today!