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How Long Does It Take to Service a Split Air Conditioner?

How Long Does It Take to Service a Split Air Conditioner?

With the hot summer season coming up, homeowners have started scheduling comprehensive HVAC maintenance in Orlando, FL for their AC units including split service air conditioners. If you plan on getting your AC serviced, you might wonder about how long this service will take.

The answer to this question can vary depending on a few factors including the condition of your AC unit. However, most companies will be able to service your split air conditioner within a few hours. During this time, a technician will come to your home and inspect your AC unit. They will clean the coils and blower, as well as check the Freon levels. They will also test the unit to make sure it is running properly.

Factors that Affect Split Air Conditioner Service

Here are some factors that impact split air conditioner service.

Technicians Who Service Air Conditioners

Air conditioner maintenance is time-consuming if only one technician performs the maintenance. However, the maintenance would take considerably less time if more than one HVAC technician performs it. For example, when one technician climbs the ladder up and down, one technician will typically perform the regular cleaning.
The technicians’ talent and their facilities and materials play a significant role in reducing service time. Technicians with a quick hand and better tools and equipment can work more effectively and significantly reduce service time.

Air Conditioner Accessibility

The air conditioner’s ease of access is essential when predicting operating hours, especially for the exhaust system. Some outdoor units are placed in locations where technicians find it difficult to conduct service work. The engineers have a hard time getting to those locations, and it takes them a longer time to work during the service.
If you believe that the ease of access will be difficult for the professionals, it is best to describe and provide some pictures before the technician appointment date. Therefore, the professionals can arrange the right tools and resources to complete the service work quickly and efficiently.

Level of Dirt

Dust and dirt can worsen if it collects on the air conditioner’s blades for an extended period. It is much harder to clean away dust once it has hardened. As a result, technicians will take longer to repair the air conditioner. The outdoor unit usually gathers more dirt than the indoor unit and takes an extended time to service it.

Air Conditioner Models

Some models are easier to service than others because they have better access to the coils and blower. Additionally, some models have more than one split air conditioner, and it will take the technicians more time to service all the units. They will have to travel between each unit, which can add up over time.

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