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How Many Pounds of Freon Does your Home AC Need?   

How Many Pounds of Freon Does your Home AC Need?   

Freon is a type of refrigerant that is used in air conditioners to help cool the air. It is essential to ensure enough refrigerant in your air conditioner, as too little can cause the system to work less efficiently, and too much can be dangerous.

The general guideline used when calculating the amount of Freon in a residential A/C unit is 2-4 pounds per ton of cooling. For example, if you install a new A/C system rated for a five-ton load, the system will require 10-20 pounds of refrigerant.

However, it’s a little tricky to figure out the specific amount as different factors play a part in determining that number. We recommend you contact AmeriTech Air Conditioning & Heating, one of the best air conditioning companies in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas today! Call today for any questions or to book an inspection.

What Factors Affect How Much Refrigerant You Need?

  • The amount of refrigerant needed to generate cool air is determined by the size of your air conditioning unit. A larger unit has a greater capacity.

  • The more space between the evaporator and condenser coils, the more refrigerant is required. The proper amount of refrigerant is included with air conditioning units when they are manufactured.

  • Many house owners would want bigger evaporator coils for greater cooling power and efficiency. However, this also means that the unit needs more refrigerant inside.

The type of system is another factor. A split system, for example, has two components—an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The refrigerant flows from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, where it is cooled and distributed throughout your home. A package unit is one all-in-one unit that contains both indoor and outdoor components.

Since there are two units in a split system, more refrigerant is needed to account for the extra space between the indoor and outdoor coils. Additionally, a split system has more parts that can break down, so it’s important to have enough refrigerant in case of a problem. A package unit is less complex and generally requires less refrigerant than a split system.

If you’re having an issue with your Freon, consult with a professional at AmeriTech Air Conditioning & Heating. We can help you determine what’s going on with your system and ensure that your AC runs efficiently all summer long. We also provide 24-hour AC repair in Apopka, FL, and surrounding areas.

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