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How To Tackle A Frozen AC

How To Tackle A Frozen AC

Air conditioners are a necessary part of our lives during the summer season. They work almost the whole day to keep our homes cool and comfortable while the sun sizzles outside. However, sometimes your system may betray you and freeze suddenly.

Many homeowners do not know when or how their air conditioners freeze. To ensure that you do not face the wrath of heat during the summer season, read this guide till the end to understand everything about why an air conditioner freezes and how to tackle it. If you still have confusion, you can contact an HVAC company for AC repair in Altamonte Springs.

How To Know If Your System Froze

A sure and definite way to check your frozen system is to check the supply registers. If it is warm, it means that the evaporator coils are frozen. Open the panel to evaporator coils and look for ice to confirm this for sure. Even if you do not see any ice, it does not mean that the system may not be frozen.

Causes of Freezing of The System

Here are the three common reasons why your air conditioner froze and how to fix it:

Blocked Airflow

Smooth airflow within the system ensures that humidity and moisture do not settle on the evaporator coils. Clean filters ensure the proper airflow in your home and system. If your air conditioner froze, dirty filters and blocked airways might be the reason.

The first thing you need to do is turn off your system to let it defrost. Keeping the system off for a few hours will melt the ice on the evaporator coils. While the system melts, clean your filters to remove the clogging for proper airflow.


Your system is not stationary. It has many moving components in it, like refrigerant lines and fans. If the pressure within the system drops significantly, the refrigerant will expand and become cold, causing your system to freeze. However, if your system freezes due to a coolant leak, you should consider contacting a company for HVAC replacement in Orlando for a new system.

You should not try to solve this issue yourself as it requires professional attention. The most you can do is ensure regular maintenance of your system to avoid leakage problems.

Cold Nights

Air conditioners function properly within the optimum threshold. If the temperature during the summer nights gets colder than the optimum threshold, your air conditioner may freeze due to external conditions.

A programmable thermostat will save your system by shutting it down when the temperature drops down. If you have a manual thermostat, you should frequently check it and shut the system when the temperature drops down. You can open your windows to enjoy the cool summer breeze while your system rests.

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