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How To Tune-Up Your AC Unit?

How To Tune-Up Your AC Unit?

Modern AC units are very durable and efficient. But like everything else, they do not require comprehensive maintenance. A little maintenance every year can not only help your air conditioner cool down but also keep us away from expensive repairs. What measures can you take to keep your equipment in top operating condition? They are simple. Anyone can do them in just a few hours a year.

  • Replace The AC Filters

The easiest way to get started is to replace the air filter in the HVAC system at least every 2-3 months. During heavy usage, it is best to replace it once a month if possible. Dusty and Dirty filters make your system work harder to get the air you need, which leads to the destruction of internal AC parts and higher bills.

If the grille on the return pipe is also dusty, make sure to clean them.

  • Keep Shrubs And Plants Away

The outdoor unit of the system needs sufficient airflow. If there are a lot of vines or shrubs growing around, it is necessary to trim them. In addition, if there are many trees in the area, the leaves will accumulate at the bottom of the compressor and affect proper operation. Make sure there are no deterrents in the room to ensure free air circulation.

  • Clean Out The Drain Pipe

When your system is operating, the condensate drain pipe will continue to fill with water to remove moisture from the air. If you don’t clean it every few months, it will be clogged with algae and back up your system. It is an easy but significant part of AC tune-up in Orlando, FL.

  • Check The Overflow Pan

When looking at the indoor unit, also take a look at the overflow pan beneath it. The pan must be dry and free of rust. If you see one of them, there will be a problem. The drain pipe must be back up because you forgot to clean it, or there must be another reason for causing the water to flow where it shouldn’t be. If you have issues, check them out by a professional AC service team.

  • Check The Insulation

The copper wire that transports the refrigerant between the indoor and the outdoor unit must be covered with insulating foam. This insulating material will break after being placed in the sun for several years and may need to be replaced. You can find replacement pipe insulation materials at most local hardware stores. Be sure to check the diameter of the refrigerant pipe to ensure that the insulation size is correct.

  • Clean The Unit

Your car works best when it is clean, and so does your air conditioner. So, take the foam coil cleaner. Spray it on the outdoor unit coil. And then rinse it off. It doesn’t just improve the performance of the air conditioner, but it also looks great.

These tips not only extend the life of the system but also help you save money and energy. So, ensure calling a professional for the best AC service.

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