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Tips For AC Installation That Every Homeowner Must Know

Tips For AC Installation That Every Homeowner Must Know

When you buy a new air conditioning unit, the next step you take will be hiring a trustable team of technicians who will help with the installation process. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that you should be unaware of what happens during your AC installation. If you don’t hire an expert, you must know at least some information about the basic process so that you don’t end up with an AC installed improperly. Below, we have briefed some details that every homeowner should know about AC installation.

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1. No Compromise On Hiring A Technician

Don’t take the easy way out when it comes to the installation of your AC. The performance and life of your AC highly depend on its installation. So, make sure to hire a technician to get it done perfectly. You can find one with AC service in Orlando, FL, and begin your installation process. There is a high risk of the installation going wrong when you do it by yourself, which leads to the damaging of your brand new AC system.

2. Licensed Professional

While contacting an installation company, make sure that they are authentic and licensed. Hiring a technician who does not possess a license will be problematic. This unprofessional person won’t be liable for any accidents that take place during the installation. Two necessary documents that your technician should have are the license and the liability insurance. Make sure that the AC contractors you contact produce these before they start working.

3. Permits

If your AC installation requires extensive work, your contractor will have to get a permit that states that there is a process ongoing on your property that could presumably be hazardous for the neighbors and the residents of the area. When not obtained, the lack of this permit could lead to expensive lawsuits.

4. Reasonable Warranty

During installation, make sure that your contractor offers a warranty that offers you a minimum cover of one year. Know that warranties are advantageous to both the contractor and the homeowner. A warranty could be pricey, but the assurance it provides could come in handy during future troubles. In case you face an AC repair before the warranty runs out, you can claim it.

5. Avoid Subcontractors

It is advised that you work with a company that handles work directly with their customers instead of letting subcontractors do their job. Sometimes, a subcontractor’s work might not be of the same quality as your contractor’s. With a licensed contractor, you can be assured that they are professionals who are authentic in their service. The same might not stand true for a subcontractor.

If you wish for your AC installation to be smooth, hire a licensed and experienced contractor to avoid future issues. To get the best air conditioner services, look for AC service in Orlando, FL, or call us at (407) 743-7106.