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What Are Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

What Are Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

Because air conditioner repairs can be pricey, it’s critical to schedule annual AC maintenance and tune-ups with a professional AC contractor to get the most out of your air conditioner. It’s also critical to understand the most frequent air conditioning issues so you can take preventative actions to avoid costly repairs.

Whether you have a new air conditioning unit or an older one, you should be aware of the most common air conditioning problems and what to check for. Read on to learn about common air conditioner issues, and look for Air Conditioning services in Orlando if you need them:

  • Faulty Wires: If the AC system’s wiring begins to fail, you must address the problem right away. There’s a possibility of fire, and you don’t want the circuit breaker to trip. Faulty cables can prevent the blower from working properly, resulting in insufficient airflow. This makes your home less pleasant, and if the return airs aren’t working properly, insufficient circulation across the coils might lead to frozen coils once more. So, look for Air Conditioning Service in Orlando.
  • Drainage Issues: Dust, algae, and dirt may clog the drain pipes. If water does not drain properly, mold, fungus, and mildew can form. Gases and odors might sometimes find their way into your home. To avoid that, make sure your drain line is maintained, cleaned, and inspected regularly. It’s possible that air conditioners that aren’t leveled won’t drain properly. You need a good AC service, so look for a good Air Conditioning Service in Orlando.
  • Sensor Issue: A thermostat sensor is situated near the evaporator coil on the air conditioner. The thermostat monitors the air temperature in the evaporating coil and adjusts the cooling to match the room’s temperature. If the sensor slips from its place, the air conditioner may turn on and off at random or cycle continuously. The sensor and the evaporator coil should be placed close together but not touching. Bend the wire that keeps the sensor in place to adjust it or call a pro for AC service.
  • Low Refrigerant: Coolant is essential in any AC system. It’s a chemical liquid that cools the air as it goes through the system. If you lower the refrigerant level, you’ll notice that your system either stops cooling or the coils freeze over. If a leak occurs, low coolant levels may be visible anyplace along the line. You should schedule AC maintenance, so look for a good Air Conditioning Service in Orlando.
  • AC running continuously: This is one of the most typical air conditioning problems. It could be caused by problems with the thermostat, compressor, or air filters, among other things. So, look for Air Conditioning Service in Orlando.
  • Control Failure: Over time, the fan controls and the system compressor degrade. This is more common with systems of excessive sizes, such as those installed in residences with inadequate space. You should also avoid turning the air conditioner on and off frequently. Get an AC service if you are facing problems.

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