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What Are Some Reasons Why You Need Annual AC Maintenance?

What Are Some Reasons Why You Need Annual AC Maintenance?

Your AC unit is probably the most important appliance in your home in the spring and summer. If that is true, then why is AC maintenance in Apopka so often neglected?

You could end up not only with a broken AC but also with a large repair bill if you don’t schedule regular AC maintenance. Because of the varied nature of Apopka’s weather, HVAC maintenance is essential for both your comfort as well as your wallet.
There are many reasons to have your air conditioning maintained every year. We’ll only cover four of the most popular ones for this article.

1. Safety Improvements

It’s crucial to inspect your air conditioning in Apopka after a long winter before you turn it on for the summer. Why? It could be home to rodents. It’s not uncommon for rodents to seek shelter in your AC unit during the winter months. This is because it provides warmth.

There’s also the possibility that wires or circuitry were damaged during winter. If wires become loose or frayed, the AC will eventually fail. Worse, if a wire shorts and the groundwire is not connected properly, it becomes an incredibly dangerous situation.

2. Maintenance will Save you Money

Regular HVAC maintenance will help you save money on your energy bills. Air conditioners that are dirty are more expensive to run. This is because your coils are clogged, which means less airflow through them. Your AC will work harder and take longer to cool your home.
It is also obvious that AC units that are working harder will experience greater wear and tear. This will result in more expensive repairs and maintenance.

Annual AC maintenance in Apopka will keep your AC running at its peak efficiency. This will save you money on energy bills, especially during the energy-intensive season when they can spiral out of control.

3. It Makes Your Home More Comfortable

Air conditioners distribute air throughout your home. Your home may feel less comfortable due to poor airflow settings, dirty filters, or blocked vents. Dirt and debris can build up inside the unit and cause allergy symptoms and other health problems.
Also, humidity is an important factor. Your home’s comfort is affected by humidity. Did you know that your AC is responsible for removing moisture (dehumidification)? Poor airflow can cause less moisture to be removed and increase humidity.

Our HVAC professionals can check the airflow in your home to determine if it is improving indoor air quality. During your AC maintenance appointment, they will change and clean the air filters. Filters prevent airborne contaminants from entering your home through your air conditioning in Apopka.

4. Increases Reliability

Summer heat waves can be very severe. They are even more difficult to endure if you don’t have an AC-equipped house that you can return to at night. Apart from the financial benefits, your AC will be reliable if it is maintained regularly.
Your AC system can be compared to a car. It’s much cheaper to have it serviced and the oil changed from time to time than to run it to the ground every few years and purchase a new vehicle.
Air conditioners are subject to the same principles. The pressure inside an AC will rise if it is dirty. The compressor is the most costly component of your AC and will become more sensitive to increased pressure. The compressor’s burnout can also cause system contamination
Air conditioner maintenance can give you the peace of mind that your AC will get more mileage over time. It can be costly to have your HVAC system repaired or replaced

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Apopka by Pros

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner system can bring you many benefits. A simple inspection can make a big difference in your comfort and wallet.
Hire a qualified HVAC professional to service your air conditioner right away.

AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating provide AC maintenance services in Apopka by trained professionals. Contact us today for more information on our services.