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What Can You Do To Prepare Your HVAC For The Winter Season

What Can You Do To Prepare Your HVAC For The Winter Season

The winter season in Orlando is beautiful and mesmerizing. Staying at your home, snuggled up in a blanket, sounds aesthetic. However, you can only be comfortable if your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable during the chilly hours.

Maintaining your HVAC system at least twice a year ensures that the components in the system are in their best conditions and the system is not facing any underlying issues. Although you should contact an HVAC technician in Orlando for professional maintenance and service, you can follow these simple and effective steps to take care of your system without spending money:

Switch Off The System

The first step you should follow to maintain your HVAC system is to turn off the power supply to the system. You would not want to get electrocuted while working on cleaning your system. Take the plug out of the socket or flip the breaker down to ensure that the system is off.

Clean Or Replace Your Filters

The filters in your furnace improve the indoor air quality of your home. They also ensure that the airflow pathway for warm air is smooth and has no restrictions. If the filters are dirty, the system will have to work for longer hours to maintain the temperature in your home, leading to increased electricity bills. You should clean your system filters at least once a month and replace them at least once in three months. You can either do the cleaning yourself or contact an HVAC cleaning service in Orlando.

Check For Moisture

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your HVAC heating system. Moisture can adversely affect the efficiency of your system by rusting the components in it. There should not be moisture near the windows or inside the system to prevent rust formation. If any of the components have rusted, replace them immediately.

Check For Unwanted Sounds

Once you have followed the above steps; you can turn on your system to run it. While it functions normally, try to listen closely for unwanted sounds like twinkling or clanking. If you hear such sounds, it means that one or more internal components of the system are not in their best condition and need professional attention immediately. Let your HVAC technician in Orlando handle the unwanted sound problem.

Check For Hot And Cold Pockets

If your system is working efficiently and is not having any problems; you will not feel any hot and cold pockets in your home. If you notice a significant difference between the temperature of the two rooms, it may indicate that the vents of that room are unclean or the system is facing some technical issues.

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