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What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Ducts?

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Ducts?

It is easy to take good care of a home’s cooling system while overlooking the air ducts. Many homeowners do not think about the duct system as long as the forced air escapes from the vents. However, you must pay attention to the air ducts and get a yearly AC tune-up to keep it in working order.

It is not only about maintaining the duct system’s integrity. It would be best to consider what might have accumulated inside the duct system. It is a good idea to have a professional examine and potentially clean them from time to time.

Today we will look at what might happen to your ducts, vents, and house if you do not clean your air ducts regularly.

  • Mold Can Grow and Spread.

Mold is a serious issue that may result in failing to treat your vents and air ducts. It is especially frequent with insulated vents. If water seeps into the ducts, condensation can build up, and the moisture will remain. Without regular AC duct cleaning in Orlando, FL, moisture will produce mold and mildew over time.

If your air ducts are moldy, then the air flowing through those ducts will blast the mold throughout your home or your office. It will not only produce a musty, foul smell, but it will also cause others to become unwell.

  • Ducts Become Clogged.

Dust and debris buildup in air ducts may eventually clog them as well. Dust will clump together over time, resulting in accumulating in the duct and surrounding outlets, vents, and filters.

It will limit airflow, reduce the efficacy of air conditioning and heating, and force the HVAC system to work more. Dirty and clogged ducts will stop your system from operating properly if left unattended for a long period.

  • You’ll Have Pests.

All dust, dirt, and moisture will provide ideal conditions for the pests to breed. Several home pests thrive in untreated air vents, such as crickets, rats, cockroaches, and mice. The longer you leave your air conditioning ducts untreated, the more probable it is that they will become home to some nasty pests.

  • It Can Cost You Money.

In the end, ignoring your air ducts problems will cost you a lot of money. Your heating and cooling systems will get harder to maintain. It is also possible that your power bills will rise, and you will have to pay more to your technician to solve the problems. You can avoid these issues with regular air duct cleaning and inspection from a professional.

  • It Can Affect Your Health.

Allergies, sore throats, colds, and coughs are all caused by dirty air ducts. Dirty air ducts degrade the quality of air in your home, allowing allergens and other microorganisms to circulate. Asthmatics and people with other allergies are the ones who are most likely to get sick, especially children and the elderly. This is the major reason why these air ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis.

You should regularly hire a professional air duct cleaner to ensure that your ducts and vents are properly and fully cleaned. AmeriTech Air & Heat serves commercial and residential clients in Orlando, Florida, with skilled ducted air conditioning in Maitland.

AmeriTech Air & Heat will assist you with whatever type of vent and duct cleaning services you want. To learn more, call 407-305-6226.