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Why Is Your Goodman Furnace Not Working?

Why Is Your Goodman Furnace Not Working?

Often, there is a need for troubleshooting your Goodman furnace. There might be a number of hindrances that are stopping your furnace from working or blowing hot air. The causes might be related to faulty parts, incorrect thermostat settings, or a blown fuse. The causes may also be related to dirty air filters, dirty flame sensor rods, or an issue in the control panel. You can read our article and consider the solutions listed below to make your Goodman furnace start working again!

What Might Be The Reasons For Your Furnace Not Working?

Very often, furnaces stop working because of issues in some parts. Usually, home repair solutions are enough to make it start again. Below mentioned are the most common reasons for your furnace not working:

  1. Dirty air filter: Basically, air filters are responsible for purifying the air of dust and other particles before the air gets blown in the house. Dirty or clogged air filters can lead to the furnace not working and only cold air coming out. This is one of the most common reasons for the furnace not working.
  2. Blown fuse: Perhaps the electrical voltage was too high for the furnace, which led to the fuse being blown. You can check the fuse after trying out all the home repair solutions and replace the fuse yourself.
  3. Dirty flame sensor rod: A flame sensor rod detects flames in the burning chamber. When it gets too dirty or clogged, it will stop detecting flames. This, in turn, will signal the furnace to stop the burning chamber to prevent any further damage. Your Goodman furnace will keep turning off itself and won’t start until you clean the flame sensor rod.
  4. Glitch in the control panel: Modernization has its pros and cons. Furnaces nowadays come equipped with electrical control panels. If the control panel encounters a glitch, the furnace won’t start, which may require you to call professional service.
    There are several other reasons as well besides these most prominent ones. The reasons include incorrect thermostat settings, faulty igniter, or dusty gas burners. You can seek professional help to repair your furnace if the problem persists.

What Are The Solutions To Make Your Goodman Furnace Work?

There are several solutions concerning the issues to make your furnace work again. You may try out home repair or DIY solutions, but only if you’re confident enough. If not, then you need to call a professional to prevent any further damage. Popular and common solutions to make your Goodman furnace work are:

  • Clean and unclog the air filter
  • Change the fuse
  • Clean the flame sensor rod
  • Reset the furnace
  • Look out for glitches in the control panel
  • Check the thermostat settings

These are the most common solutions for making your Goodman furnace work again. However, you should get expert consultation if any faulty parts are involved before the parts cause any damage. You can also look up ‘heating repair Orlando’ on the internet and call our team of heating installation Orlando experts. For more information, call us at (407) 753-7106.