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Why Is Your Goodman Furnace Short Cycling?

Why Is Your Goodman Furnace Short Cycling?

With the weather outside getting colder day by day, having an operating furnace is crucial. However, due to sitting idle throughout the summers, many heating units find it hard to run efficiently, especially if you did not call professionals regularly for routine furnace service in Orlando. Short cycling of a Goodman furnace is among the most fundamental issues homeowners experience with their heating system.

The term “short cycling” refers to when the furnace turns on for a brief period before turning off. This on-again, off-again cycle can prevent your home from adequately warming up and even harm your furnace.

Common Causes Of A Short Cycle In A Goodman Furnace

The following are some of the most common causes of furnace system short cycling and ways to address them.

  • Your Furnace Is Too Big For Your Place

Short cycling that happens shortly after installing your heating system could be due to an inside problem rather than a problem with the furnace. That is, the device may be too large or powerful for the area where it gets installed. An oversized furnace will consume a lot of energy to warm your room, resulting in irregular warm air distribution in your home.

To make up for variable heat distribution, the furnace cycles on and off. Before assuming that the problem with your furnace is its shape, contact a furnace service center. While this could be the problem, there could also be another issue with the machine.

  • Overheating Is A Problem With Your Furnace

Another common reason for a short cycling furnace is that the heating system is overheating and shutting down to avoid damage. Limited airflow can lead to an overheating furnace. The warm air in the furnace becomes trapped as a result of this. Inner vents, an obstructed exhaust vent, or a dirty air filter are common causes of constrained airflow.

It is crucial to consult your furnace service center right away if your furnace is overheating. This is because when the device gets too hot, cracks can form in the heat exchanger of the heating system. As a result, you must check your carbon monoxide detectors at least once a month to ensure there are no overheating issues.

  • The Thermostat In Your Home Breaks Down

Last but not the least, a significant cause of a short-cycling furnace isn’t even your heating system. When your thermostat fails, it may indicate to your furnace that your room attained the set temperature, causing the heating system to turn off prematurely.

A short-cycling furnace can cause your home heating system to collapse prematurely, which can be a prominent issue in the winter. If your furnace is short-cycling and you cannot seem to solve the problem despite getting it repaired time and again, call professionals for HVAC replacement in Orlando right away.

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