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Will A Furnace Run Without A Thermostat?

Will A Furnace Run Without A Thermostat?

A thermostat is one of the most indispensable parts of a heating system that homeowners interact with daily and one of the few components of a furnace that sits in clear sight. However, many homeowners still tend to overlook the health of a thermostat that leads to a broken or poorly functioning thermostat that requires costly repairs from a professional HVAC technician in Orlando. Also, many people usually remain curious whether a furnace will run without a thermostat or not.

Hence, the answer to this question is Yes. Some quick hacks can make your heating system run without a thermostat. However, you must note that these hacks, such as connecting your furnace wires to turn on the furnace, can be dangerous to your heating system as they can make it overheat, leading to permanent breakdowns.

Understanding The Working Of A Thermostat

A thermostat is a vital furnace component that controls the overall temperature of the system and your place. If you fail to set your thermostat as per the temperature inside and outside your house, it can lead to thermostat malfunctioning, and various parts of the system will suffer damages.

Hence, always assure that your thermostat does not possess any mechanical issues. Also, if you cannot adjust the thermostat settings using its guide, it is best to seek expert assistance to tackle your thermostat-related problems.

It is because a wrongly-set thermostat can make the evaporator coils in a furnace freeze. Moreover, if the thermostat has any error or the temperature keeps fluctuating, it will take hours for a thermostat to heat your place.

What Issues Can You Face While Running A Furnace Without A Thermostat?

  • If the thermostat of your heating system is out of calibration, the possibility of short-cycling is high. A short cycling furnace does not complete the heating cycle because your heating system cannot detect whether the desired temperature gets acquired or not.
  • Short cycling makes the compressor abruptly start and shut down and then restart. The repeated method can put a great deal of pressure on the compressor. It is likely the most valuable component of the heating unit. The pressure will also get shifted to the unit’s engines, eventually making them collapse.
  • Another issue that can arise when your furnace does not hold a thermostat is it will damage the connecting wires. It can make your heating system’s fan work continuously. The problem will place unnecessary strain on the blower motor, ultimately causing it to fail and interfering with the heating systems.

A well-functioning heating system is crucial for home comfort in a cold and freezing climate. Hence, getting a tune-up or HVAC cleaning service in Orlando is vital to keep your furnace in proper working condition and avoid the odds of short cycling.

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