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Will The Furnace Run If Thermostat Batteries Are Dead?

Will The Furnace Run If Thermostat Batteries Are Dead?

You might as well forget you have batteries in your thermostat until your furnace stops functioning or begin manifesting signs of a breakdown if the thermostat battery dies. When the power supply in your thermostat runs out, it will usually give you a warning.

And if you ignore that, you will be in serious trouble due to your heating systems’ lack of performance. Hence every homeowner must never overlook changing a thermostat battery regularly by calling heating tune-up near me professionals.

Symptoms Of A Dead Thermostat Battery

The low battery or battery drainage alert is the most obvious indication that your power supply is dying. If you do not start replacing these, you may need to reboot your thermostat and, in extreme situations, return it.

Also, in most of the thermostats, there is an LED sign that indicates a low battery. If the flashing of the poor battery manifestations is not enough, you may hear a loud beeping to alert you that your batteries are about to die. It is also possible that you will lose the display on the screen and that everything will go black, preventing you from changing anything, making changes, or adjusting the temperature.

It varies, but these are most likely indicating that your battery is dying. Because the state can’t handle what’s going on due to low power supply levels, your air conditioning system and furnace may begin to malfunction in some cases. Even receding backlighting can indicate that your battery is running low.

What Happens When Thermostat Batteries Are Dead?

The principal objective of the battery capacitors inside your thermostat is to save any coded information in the event of a brief power outage, allowing your heating/cooling system to operate uninterrupted.

When your batteries run out, you will notice a black touchscreen display, the thermostat will stop functioning, and your heating components will stop working. The heating and cooling system cannot react to temperature instructions that do not exist.

Will The Furnace Run If Thermostat Batteries Are Dead?

No, the heating system would not function properly. The batteries serve two functions. The first step is to turn on the monitor so that you can see the current settings on the stat and adjust them as needed. Secondly, the thermostat batteries power a circuit, which gives low voltage (24 volts) back down to the furnace, signaling the circuit board to activate the services needed.

If the batteries of your furnace remain insufficiently charged, the circuit will not remain closed. Especially in a heating system where two relays remain activated, one for the capacitor (outside) and the other for the blower (inside). The thermostat verifies the room temperature and, if it is lower than expected, it will call for more heating to keep you warm.

To sum up, we can say that a thermostat battery is a crucial component that keeps your furnace working accurately. If you are looking for dependable professionals for HVAC maintenance in Orlando, FL, to get your battery replaced, AmeriTech Air Conditioning and Heating can help. To book our expert and affordable furnace repair or maintenance services, feel free to call us anytime at (407) 743-7106.