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AC Compressor Failure: Why & Ways to Prevent It

AC Compressor Failure: Why & Ways to Prevent It

In the entire operation of an air conditioning machine, the compressor is essential. It must compress the refrigerant gas before pushing it through the equipment to remove heat and humidity. Regular AC tune-ups in and repair keep the compressor and your AC unit will be in good working condition. 

Causes of AC compressor failure and ways to avoid it:

  • Suction line obstruction

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing chilly air, it’s most likely due to a blockage or damage to the suction lines. If the air conditioner is kept operating in this situation, the compressor is expected to be destroyed as the system overheats and pressure builds up.

Tips to avoid: To save your compressor, turn off your air conditioner if the cooling isn’t working correctly and call an air conditioning technician as soon as possible.

  • Condenser coil blockage

Another cause of higher temperatures within your air conditioner is the accumulation of dust and debris on the condenser coil. While it constantly operates to throw cool air out, this layer prevents efficient heat expulsion from the system. As a result, the system overheats, damaging the compressor and causing it to malfunction.

How to avoid: If your AC compressor is operating continuously or longer than usual, it’s best to clean the dust and debris at least once every week and then use it.

  • Maintaining a consistent refrigerant level.

At all times, the refrigerant level must be maintained. However, the suctions lines might develop holes and splits over time, resulting in leakage. As a result, the compressor bears the brunt of the load by working tirelessly to circulate the gas throughout the system to keep providing cool air. Over time, this increased effort may result in compressor failure. 

How to avoid: Use insulating tape to cover the holes. After that, contact a reliable HVAC company for  an AC tune-up in Orlando, as adding refrigerant is not suitable for DIY.

  • The ideal refrigerant line length

The wrong size of the suction line might also cause an AC compressor to fail. The compressor will fail if it is longer or shorter than the specified length.

How to avoid: This can happen only if an unqualified maintenance specialist replaces the line. Always have your air conditioner repaired by a professional such as air conditioning service in Orlando.

  • Maintained lubricant level

The compressor can fail due to a lack of oil lubrication in the AC.

How to avoid: Check the lubricant level and the oil pump’s condition regularly. 

  • Failure of the electrical system

Electrical failures and an acid buildup inside the system might be caused by damaged wires, fuses, and other factors. 

How to avoid: The only method to detect electrical defects and rectify them promptly is to conduct periodic inspections.

  • Contaminants

Virtually everything adds to your AC compressor failing to perform, from the air you breathe to moisture, dust, debris, bird and bug droppings, acid, and soot.

How to avoid: Because your air conditioner’s outside unit must be housed outside, there is usually no way to prevent it. Make sure to clean or change the filters regularly during spring and clear any debris from the outdoor AC unit. 

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